How To Interview A Party Hire Company For Your Corporate Event

Do you need party hire services for your corporate event? Corporate events must be planned and executed with perfection. As such, choosing a party hire company can be a challenging and delicate task. The article below discusses a few questions you can use to interview party hire companies for your corporate event. 

What Is Your Experience? 

Ask the company to send their portfolio. You are better off working with companies that have planned and executed similar or larger events. Contact some of their previous clients and inquire if they experienced any challenges while working with the company. You could also conduct some internet research to determine how the public perceive the company. Companies with a bad reputation will negatively affect your brand name and image. 

What Services Will You Provide?

The party hire company should be a one-stop shop for all your event needs. Some services you might need include the following:

  • Consultation services on how to plan the party—how will you manage the media, publicise the event, handle VIPs and ensure adequate security on the D-day?
  • Catering services during the event and after-party
  • Audiovisual hire services—other than a PA system, you may need large screens and live recording to ensure people can stream the event on your website or social media
  • Tents, chairs, tables and marquees for your guests
  • Décor and lighting—you need guests to identify with your brand colours and logo

Do You Have Insurance? 

What would happen if an accident occurred at the event and someone got injured? Work with a company that has a general liability cover. It is a guarantee that the company minds the welfare of its clients. 

Will You Subcontract? 

Some companies may subcontract some of your work to other businesses. If this is the case, conduct some background research to ensure the subcontractors provide quality services. The subcontractors should also have insurance coverage. 

What Are Your Terms?  

Inquire about the following things:

  1. How much will the service cost? Compare rates and negotiate for a discount. Also, understand any extra costs you might pay.
  2. What liabilities does the company accept? For instance, will you get a refund if they fail to deliver as per the terms of the contract?
  3. Inquire about contract cancellation. For example, what would happen if the event gets postponed and you no longer need party hire services?

When hiring a party hire company for your corporate event, inquire about their experience, services, insurance cover, subcontractors and contract terms.