Finding some extra seating for an outdoor party

If you are having an outdoor party in a local park it can be hard to find enough seating for everyone, and transporting seating that you've hired can be a time consuming and awkward job.  Here are some ideas to make sure your guests have somewhere to sit outside and don't need to spend the entire party standing up.

Picnic blankets

Picnic blankets are relatively easy to transport and can each seat a group of people. They are a great option for a rustic or casual style of party, where people are not likely to be wearing fancy outfits that make it hard to sit on the ground. You can buy these from department stores or borrow them from friends or family. If your party includes some elderly guests or some guests with limited mobility they may find it hard to get onto the ground and back up again and may find cold ground uncomfortable. Consider bringing some separate seating for them. 

Bean bags

Another fun and portable option for outdoor seating is to use outdoor beanbags. These are especially popular with teenagers and children and can be lightweight to transport into your area. You can often hire these from party hire stores or borrow from friends and family. These also suit a more casual event and may be less than ideal for a formal wedding or cocktail party. Try and find a range of configurations to suit the different ways that people might like to sit at your event. Bean bags can be bought from camping or outdoor stores, or hired from some party hire stores. 

Formal seating

You can also organise for a party hire service to come and install formal seating, then disassemble the seating once the party is done for a small extra fee. This can remove a lot of the workload and stress from the party organiser. It also looks great in photos to have matching seating as it visually ties the party together. A party hire store can often work within your budget to some up with a seating arrangement that you can afford. 

If you are holding an outdoor party it's a good idea to have plentiful seating arranged so that your guests can have an easy and comfortable time at the event. The best seating for your event will depend on a number of factors including the relative formality of the event, the event location, and your budget.